Sharp clean win

Robin Alexander Sporting Trial
Camel Vale Motor Club
MSA, BTRDA, ASWMC Championships
16 entrants

Richard Sharp won the Robin Alexander Sporting Trial near Bude on Saturday with a measured drive over the bumpy venue requiring total concentration. Jerome Fack took the early lead after five hills but slipped up dropping a nine on the second round which proved costly at the end. Ian Wright climbed upto third come the end of thirty long varied challenging hills despite dropping a six late on. Similarly John Fack dropped an eight in the same place having had to share brother Jerome’s identical car after his refused to start in the garage. Roger Bricknell challenged all day with some super climbs in his venerable Facksimile and best live axle in fifth overall. Martin Grimwood won the blue class in an excellent seventh, ahead of Mike Baker and Barry Hogg who tied completing the top ten overall. Post Historic HSTA competitor Mark Howse competed in his immaculate trial winning Impunity managing some wonderful climbs followed by the smell of Castrol R finishing eleventh. The late Robin Alexander’s son James returned with his dads JABS to compete but unfortunately retired following the battery failing.

Richard Sharp, Cartwright, 36
Jerome Fack, MSR, 44
Ian Wright, Sherpa Indy, 46
John Fack, MSR, 48
Roger Bricknell, Facksimile, 54
George Watson, Hamilton, 59
Martin Grimwood, Crossle, 63
Andy Wilks, Crossle, 64
Mike Baker, Crossle, 70
Barry Hogg, Hamilton, 70